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Traffic Infractions: A Minor Infraction that May Affect YOU in a Major Way

Traffic Infractions: A Minor Infraction that May Affect YOU in a Major WayReceiving a traffic infraction can be expensive and time-consuming. Depending on the severity of your infraction, you can receive fines for up to $500 or mandatory court appearances in front of a judge. Aside from dealing with deadlines and the threat of facing a suspension if you do not meet them, there are lasting consequences that can affect the way your insurance company treats you following  receipt of a traffic infraction.

Florida law assigns point values for each moving violation you receive, depending on the severity of your violation.  For example, lesser infractions such as violating a right of way are associated with low point values and stay with you for only a short period of time.  More serious moving violations such as Careless Driving are associated with higher point values and may remain on your record permanently.  So, how do points affect the way you are covered?

Points on your license affect your driving record and help your insurance company determine whether you are a low, moderate, or high-risk driver. Low-risk drivers have lower premiums, while moderate to high-risk drivers are considered more expensive to insure. This is because insurance companies view moderate to high-risk drivers as more likely to get into accidents and cost them money. As a result, rates tend to increase with a high number of minor traffic tickets or one or more severe traffic infractions.

Because you can’t predict exactly how your insurance rates will be affected based on your infraction, it helps to hire an experienced traffic attorney who will attend court on your behalf and fight for a reduced fine and no points on your license. If you receive a traffic ticket, do not admit to guilt. Call the Law Office of Ameen and Shafii at 1-813-436-4357 to defend your rights and keep your insurance premiums at a low rate.

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