Can the police ask you to exit your vehicle without probable cause?

pullover2If an officer pulls you over for an alleged traffic violation, he has the right to ask the driver and any passengers to exit the vehicle. If an officer asks you to exit the vehicle, you should exit the vehicle. The reason the courts have allowed police to ask you to exit is for the officer’s safety. You would think that an officer could only ask you to exit if he had probable cause, however the courts have held that officer safety is more important in this situation.

Some officers prefer that you stay in your vehicle. Do not exit the vehicle, unless you are asked to do so. Officers are trained to expect the worst. If you try to exit, without being asked to, they may believe that you are trying to pull a weapon or run away.

Whatever the scenario may be when you are pulled over, always be polite and respectful with the officer, even if he is not. You are not going to win on the street with the officer, your battle is better fought in the courtroom, where the law is on your side.

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