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The Law Office of Ameen and Shafii, Criminal Attorneys Law Firm launching a new website

Criminal attorneys in Tampa FLThe Law Office of Ameen and Shafii Anticipate Broader, Stronger Communication with Tampa Bay’s Community through Social Media

The Law Office of Ameen and Shafii, a growing firm with three locations in Tampa, Downtown, Fletcher Ave, and Waters Ave, is launching a diverse social media arsenal to better connect with the Tampa Bay Community.

The firm has recently surfaced on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkeIn, Google Plus, and Instagram. This diverse approach to establishing their presence on social media will serve to broaden their outreach to all ages of the community. Criminal Attorney Andrew Shafii says “We want to be able to tap into younger and middle-aged members of the community who actively participate in social media.” He adds, “We feel it is important to tap into broader markets as an experienced, rising firm in the Tampa Bay area.”

Both attorneys, Andrew Shafii, Esq. and Mustafa Ameen, Esq. are dedicated to providing excellent communication with their clients and believe utilizing social media will contribute to the improvement of their outreach among the Tampa Bay population at large. “Social Media gives us the ability to connect with the community on a larger scale and on a daily basis, said Attorney Ameen, who leads the Personal Injury division of the firm. He continued, “Not only can we disseminate important information to the community, but also address their issues through social media.”

The Law Office of Ameen and Shafii is optimistic about the impact social media will have on the quality and strength of their service to the Tampa Bay area. Attorney Shafii concluded, “We hope to get the word out that if you trust us with your case and family—we will be committed to solving your problems.” Our motto is “Every problem has a solution.”

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Can I beat a drug charge even if it was mine?

Can I beat a drug charge even if it was mine?My client was charged with possession of cocaine and carrying a concealed firearm, both third degree felonies. He was facing up to 10 years in the Florida state prison for these charges. After I reviewed the police report, I discovered that the State would be unable to prove the charges against my client. Here is why…when an individual is charged with possession of a drug, the State must prove that they were actually in possession or constructively in possession. Actual possession means exactly what it sounds like, you had it in your hands, pocket, socks. Constructive possession is harder to prove. The State must prove three things 1) You knew the items were drugs 2) You knew where the drugs were located and 3) You had the ability to control the drugs. If you do not admit that the drugs were yours, it is hard for the State to prove the case against you. In this case, my client did not admit that the drugs were his and the State had to drop the cocaine charge. They also ended up dropping the firearms charge for the same reason, he didn’t have it in his possession. If you have a drug charge, call Mustafa Ameen, a Tampa criminal attorney, for a free review of your case.

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How the media can affect criminal law and punishment – Chris Brown and Rihanna

brown2If you’ve recently seen any of the celebrity news shows (TMZ, inside edition…), daytime talk shows (Oprah, Tyra, Dr. Phil) or even mainstream news, then you’ve certainly have heard about the Chris Brown and Rihanna incident.  Because of their incident, domestic violence has been a hot topic all over the tv, radio, and newspapers.  Victims of domestic violence, counselors, and tv personalities are all over the media talking about the effects and issues related to it.  This has caused many of the law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and judges to give extra scrutiny to each case for fear of something happening on their watch.  They don’t want to have an incident happen where a victim is hurt or gets killed because of something they did not do.  This fear is understandable but it can sometimes have an adverse effect on you if you get charged. 

Recently I have had several clients come to my office that have been charged with domestic violence.  The arrests in those cases have been very questionable, probably in part to the media coverage of the issue. 

When the police come out to investigate a domestic violence issue, they almost always make an arrest and it’s usually to cover themselves.  They don’t want to be on the news taking the blame for not doing anything and having someone get hurt.  So they make the arrest, a lot of the time of the wrong person, and move on to the next call.  After you are arrested, the prosecution will start handling your case the next day!  They are in the same position, don’t want negative publicity, so they get started right away, and it’s usually to advise the Judge on how much the bond should be.  This is why it’s important to call me immediately.  I am a Tampa criminal defense attorney and former domestic violence prosecutor.  I know what the Judge and prosecutor need to hear to keep your bond as low as possible or request that the Judge release you without even having to pay a bond and eventually getting your case dismissed.

And by the way, those domestic violence cases I talked about earlier, I got both dismissed.

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