Is Your Criminal History Affecting Your Life? Seek an Expungement Today and Restore Your Reputation!

Is Your Criminal History Affecting Your Life?Aside from interfering with your personal and civil freedoms, being charged with a crime can have far-reaching repercussions that affect your reputation and livelihood beyond a judge’s final decision on your criminal case. In other words, once your case has closed, the record of your arrest and other details surrounding your alleged criminal activity is still available to the public. These records are still accessible even if you have fulfilled all necessary requirements to restore your liberties as you once knew them before you’d been initially charged. This negative mark on your name can affect your future and present eligibility for jobs, residency, and other important opportunities. However, seeking an expungement can be very valuable in eliminating or reducing the threat to your character.

Specifically, an expungement has the capability of restoring your reputation to what it was before your name became associated with criminal activity. For example, it is typical of potential employers, landlords, or loan agencies to explore your reputation through a simple Google search of your full name. Criminal activity associated with your name can raise red flags which keep you from being granted admission to schools, gaining employment, or being supplied with housing in desired communities. Seeking an expungement through an experienced Tampa criminal defense attorney can eliminate harm done to your character through a previous criminal charge.

If you are interested in improving your harmed reputation from a prior criminal charge, call the Law Office of Ameen & Shafii today at 1-800-436-HELP. The former prosecutors and experienced criminal defense attorneys at the Law Office of Ameen & Shafii can bring you many steps closer to restoring your public image though an expungement on your criminal case.

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