Florida Habitual Offender or “3 Strikes Law”

Florida Habitual OffenderQ. Does FL have a habitual offender or “3 Strikes Law?”

Yes, Florida has a very harsh habitual traffic offender rule.  There are multiple ways you can become a Habitual Traffic Offender and lose your license for 5 years.

Q. How does it work?

A. If you receive any combination of three driving while license suspended charges and/or driving under the influence within 5 years your license will be suspended for 5 years.  For example, if you receive two driving while license suspended charges and one driving under the influence or if you receive three driving while license suspended charges within 5 years you will lose your license for 5 years.

Q. If charged as a habitual offender what should I expect?

A. If you have been charged with a third offense you should not plea to the charge because you will lose your license for 5 years.  There are ways to convince the State Attorney to amend or reduce the charge to prevent the 5 year suspension.  If this is your fourth offense and you have already been classified as a habitual traffic offender and lost your license for 5 years, we may be able to go back on a prior case to reduce or remove that charge.  This will cause the habitual traffic offender status to be removed and you will be able to reinstate your license.  There are several conditions and requirements to do this, so it is best to contact The Law Office of Ameen and Shafii to discuss your specific case.  We are former prosecutors and Tampa criminal defense attorneys who have handled thousands of habitual traffic offender cases and can get you back on the road. Call 1-800-436-HELP today for your free consultation.

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