Is your driver’s license expired? Yes. Then you could go to jail!

arrestOur client was charged with Drivers License Expired More than 4 Months.  Most people don’t know this, but this is a criminal charge!  So, check your DL to make sure it’s not expired (link below).  If it’s less than 4 months then it’s a civil traffic infraction.  Because my client’s license was expired more than 4 months, it was a mandatory court hearing and the consequences could be up to 60 days in Hillsborough County jail.  I explained to my client what he had to do to get his DL back and then we set his case for trial.  At trial, the State Attorney dismissed the case.  No jail, no fines, no court costs.  There was also a civil citation that the Judge dismissed.  Go to this website to check your Florida drivers license status.

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