St. Petersburg Gives RLC Program the Red Light

Red LightsAfter 3 years in operation, the city of St. Petersburg has decided to put an end to issuing Red Light Camera Tickets by September 30, 2014.

Mayor Rick Kriseman led a 6-2 decision to end the city’s use of their RLC program indefinitely. Their resolution was reached on March 6th, 2014, when after 2 hours, city commissioners concluded they would end their contract with American Traffic Solutions for the usage of their traffic enforcement cameras. Alternatives to the program, such as lengthening the yellow light signal time, have been discussed.

The city’s ultimate goal is to break even on the cost of carrying on the program from 2011 herein. However, it has been made clear by the city council that St. Petersburg’s RLC program will not extend beyond the end of September of this year.

More information about the city’s discontinuance of Red Light Camera tickets can be found at, where various materials and sources are provided to separate fact from fiction regarding the city’s brief execution of the RLC program in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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