Tampa Criminal Case – Case Number: 3706FTQ


Client was charged with Driving while License Suspended With Knowledge.  He was on multiple suspensions for driving under the influence and traffic accidents.  The State Attorney was seeking 10 days in jail for this offense.  I knew that if my client were able to get his license back, the State Attorney would not make the jail offer.  I explained that to my client and we created a plan on how he could get his drivers license reinstated.  I was able to continue his case for 5 months to allow him time to get his license reinstated.  Once he got his license back, I was able to convince the State Attorney not to offer the jail time.  My client was able to just pay the court costs and walk out of the courtroom.  Many times people have suspended license and do not even know why they are suspended or how to reinstate them.  This is where I can help.  I have a meeting with my clients to inform them exactly what they need to do to get the license back and if needed I can file motions in court to help the process along. 

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