Tampa Criminal Case Dismissed – Case Number: 3269FUA, 3270FUA

stop1My client was charged with Drivers License Restriction Violation, Florida Statute 322.16(1) and Failure to Display PIP Insurance, Florida Statute 316.646(1).  This is when your license has some type of restriction, (learners permit or business purposes only) and you violate that restriction.  In this case, they accused my client of driving not for business purposes, when he actually had proof that he was going to work.  Because it was on a DUI suspension, the state attorney was seeking 10 days in Hillsborough county jail.  I set the case for trial to prove to the court that my client was not violating the restriction.  I was able to get the State Attorney to dismiss the case minutes before the trial.  I also made a motion to the Judge to dismiss the insurance charge, which she did.  My client walked out without having to pay court costs, fines, or having this charge show up on his criminal record.  This may seem like a minor traffic offense to most, but it actually has serious consequences.

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