Tampa Street Racing Case Dismissed

racePleading guilty to a street racing charge can have serious consequences on your life. A street racing charge is a first degree misdemeanor (up to one year in jail), that will result in a minimum fine of $500 (maximum of $1000) and a mandatory suspension of your drivers license for one full year. A second offense will lead to a 2 year license suspension.

How can you beat a racing charge?
The racing statute is very specific. The language of the statute requires the officer to be able to specifically describe the conduct. Simply driving fast with your friends is not considered racing. There must be a starting point and ending point during the race. In most situations, individuals are simply driving fast in groups, this is not racing.

In Tampa court today, my client was charged with street racing. He stated that he was not racing; he was just following his friend’s vehicle. The officer stated that he observed the two vehicles “racing” and pulled both over and charged them with racing. I set his case for trial and we ready to have a trial, however, the Hillsborough State Attorney dismissed the case before trial.

If you are charged with racing on highway the consequences are serious and you need to hire an attorney who knows the law. Contact my office 24/7 to discuss your Tampa criminal street racing case.

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